About SFPL!

Stuff Fly People Like is a Life and Style Blog. We are committed to keeping you updated on the in’s and out’s of FLY SOCIETY. When we say Fly we are not limiting the phrase to clothes or appearances. Being FLY is a state of mind, its how you walk, talk…Its about your SWAG. Everyone has a little Swag in them-We’re just trying to push you into a  FULL Swag so to speak. We will be updating you on the current trends, entertainment and music we deem relevant to FLY people across the World! SFPL is all about focusing on more than Gossip and Celebrity Idolization. We cater to those who like to be FRESH! Although from time to time we may dissect someones wardrobe (LOL) we will Never dissect any ones character (maybe)! These are the chronicles of what Fly people love and hate! Join us! And by ALL means leave a comment or two we encourage you to….We promise to comment back!! We appreciate you….Fly Society!


-Rae Holliday (The Stylish)

-Gabriel Williams (The Stylist)


-Renee Forde (Admin)


6 Responses to “About SFPL!”

  1. Have Fun & Good Luck -Eric The Sneaker Dude….


  2. What E im glad u came with a way 2 make ur sneaker addiction look sane

  3. Typo above what up E I’m glad u came up with a way 2 make ur sneaker addiction look sane lol ur putting the knowlegde 2 use lets extinct those bootleg retro Jordan wearing motherf%@kers

  4. MZ jacson is a icon to b bow @ ….those shoes r FIRE

  5. Hey Rae, Its Lurn with Stackhouse. I lost your num… when you get a chance please e-mail me with it.

  6. Just came across ur site while researching ‘Swagger’ 4 a vid I’m working on, what can I say…. Amazing! You’ve got it spot on! V. up2date, V. Current, V. Fresh, V. Fly & EXTREME Swagger on another Level. Thank you so much, u know I’ll be checking on ur site every day……keep you in check (LOL)…. Merry Christmas!

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