This was a FLY week, we were blown away by Miguel Antoinne’s Collection…


Peep the entire Collection HERE.


Supra definitely gave us the Hottest Sneakers Swag this week.

Cop them @ Factory413.


In MUSIC-If you haven’t downloaded that Drake Mix tape-You are depriving yourself

Download here…


America’s Next Top Model Alum, Bre Popped back into our hearts.

Read the Post Here.


And Andre Leon Talley decided to match up his Velvet peep toes with his Graduation Gown for Fashion Week.

Read Post Here

Life is Good. 🙂

-Stay FLY!


~ by Rae of Stuff Fly People Like on February 21, 2009.

3 Responses to “WEEKLY FLY WRAP UP…”

  1. I need these Supra in my life.

  2. I definitely want to know more about Miguel’s collection. Those Supras ARE pretty dope, might have to get my third pair from that line and colorway. And that Drake mixtape is so dope. I’ve been listening to it since Valentine’s Day.

  3. defo was fly week… U, Gabe and Renee went hard keep it up

    Rae, don’t worry I’ma spread the word!

    P.S. SFPL made me love Supra’s never knew before and still due to get first pair

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