She’s in the Fly Verdict more than a little bit. More ups then downs, this however, is quite a down.

I am at a lost for words.


I mean @ Fashion Week?


You know it’s bad when Aubrey looks better than everybody. And Kat Deluna you are not doing Stephen Sprouse any justice. *sighs*


What’s your verdict?


-Stay FLY!


~ by Rae of Stuff Fly People Like on February 21, 2009.


  1. she gets two o hell to the nawws. Im all about stuntin as a habit and being extra, but this is just a cross between T-Pain, Beetlejuice, and FUCKERY in general.

  2. Guud 1 MOJO!! LOL. I mean she steped it up from the tom boi swagg but WTF is this teyana?? I mean really are you the freaking ring leader of fashion week… PLZ get it together quick fast and in a damn hurry! Ur swagg card is close to being revoked.. and aubrey says she didn’t have any work done… SSSSHHHIIIT. And kat needs assistance as well luuking like ms piggy slash elvira… lol they going straight to fashion hell… lol

  3. i thought she really was gonna have this glam thing down but i guess streetwear is more her thing. looks like lil mama is her stylist now .

  4. can we please pay attention to homegirl in the third picture on the left she looks how i feel about this bull-ish

  5. No bueno. Definitely not feeling how any of them are looking here.

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