In an effort to keeping SFPL one of the most visited Blogs, we have added a new segment to our daily post. (Fly Stake-Out). We are on the stake-out for FLY fashion looks, and Fly inspirations. What drives you to be fashionable on an everyday basics. (Your mood, your Environment etc.)


Everyone remembers little Dakota Fanning..?, well she is deffinately growing up nicely. Dakota is giving us Fab! Loving the shorts with the heels a touch of bling, it’s always a great look, and the Chanel necklace gives a great spin on the outfit simple, however, it really makes this do POP!




~ by Renee of stuff fly people like on February 20, 2009.

4 Responses to “FLY STAKE-OUT!!!”

  1. I love her…hope she stays sweet and inocent and dont turn into a hollywood bad girl…

  2. Word @ vanson…
    She’s a nice actress…was lookin @ my co-workers mag w/Dakota in it & baby girl can dress…
    Keep it up ‘Kota

  3. what up FL¡ society!!! first off emma is sellin it and i dig her look.simplicity is so key these days! what keeps me fashionable on a daily is soley on my mood and what im feeling,the swaGG is always there but i go off what im feeling @ tht moment. i use to be one of thoes dudes that plan what i would wear ahead of tyme but i dumped tht a long time ago and just go with the flow…another thing is seeing ppl as fl¡ as myself swaggin up the city with effortless style and just doing them to the 10th power.

  4. Those shoes are definitely what’s up.

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