brit arrivals 4 180209

I love Estelle like a sister and we always dig her style here at SFPL but this scares me….

There is just way too much going on with this look.

brit arrivals 4 180209

I mean, she doesn’t even look happy.

Luckily there were no eggs on the red carpet at the Brit Awards. Jesus.

What do you think?

You know where to meet us….

-Stay Fly!


~ by Gabriel Williams (@Gabriel_Will1) on February 20, 2009.

8 Responses to “FLY OR DIE??”


  2. Estelle at her BEST!

  3. lanvin? lacroix? i would rocked that with a big ol grin..shes rockin five thousand dollar art!

  4. I think the right person can pull that off, but its overpowering her and one should wear the garment, own it, instead of it wearing you…she doesn’t have personality/spirit for this assemble!!!!


  6. She should be arrested for this! Love Estelle but hum No Mam!

  7. NO. MA’AM. This is turrible.

  8. i feel like it doesnt quite work for her but its cute dress…i think it needs someone with longs skinny legs, maybe like heidi klum, to pull it off

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