A Letter of RANDOMONIUM to Monique….


Also spotted on the carpet of Gray at the Essence function….

Monique and her hairy legs!!!!!???

I mean, help me understand why this woman does not shave her legs.

Monique, this is unacceptable and you should retaliate quickly with some scissors, electric shaver or something! Jesus.

Maybe while in the tub?……


I need you to get it together….

Right Frankie….


-Stay Fly!


~ by Gabriel Williams (@Gabriel_Will1) on February 20, 2009.

5 Responses to “A Letter of RANDOMONIUM to Monique….”

  1. Um yea…I just threw up in my mouth at Mo. She reminded me of a lady I see out my way from time to time with the hairiest legs Ive seen on ANY woman. The woman Im referring to is a tad worse, making me think she mighta been a man once upon a time but still…whats WRONG with women not shaving? Is it not auto behavior? Im saddened by this lack of care. We need to do better lol

  2. There is no reason that should happen…
    She can make a fur coat for a baby w/all that shit…

  3. all that time spent on hair make up and outfit and none on the legs? hideous.

  4. thats a lazy women. how can you not shave your legs. TERRIBLE

  5. I’m not gonna call her lazy or nasty because that is the way God made, but still…Ewww. LOL

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