The internet is set a BLAZE with the first picture of Rih Rhi’s bruised face.

We just can’t do it.

Ya’ll know we refer to her as the Swag Princess around these parts. 

We want to keep it that way. Get Better Rih Rih.

If You really want to see it our Homies Blogxilla and Lexie have it up.



-Stay FLY!


~ by Rae of Stuff Fly People Like on February 19, 2009.

8 Responses to “SWAG PRINCESS”

  1. Thank you for not showing that picture. Let her keep some of her dignity. Seeing that photograph made me want to cry for her.

    Get well soon RiRi so you can show all these amateurs how fashion is supposed to be done!

  2. I respect SFPL for not showing that pic I’m sure RiRi would want it that way

  3. Chris Brown needs to go to JAIL for this one…..

    U don’t do that to a woman.

  4. so much respect for you guys… that picture leaves me in utter shock and disbelief. hopefully seeing the severity of her injuries will stop all those making jokes of this situation. i’m disgusted…

  5. Chris Brown ought to feel ashamed. Whatever the reason, Rihanna did NOT deserve that!

  6. I’m Just Saying, I felt the same way, that pic really made me feel sad for her and she just looks mortified, her expression..no woman deserves to be beaten like that by a dude young EVER… no matter what the motive, just horrible!!!!!

  7. And for this you guys have become my new fav blog!

  8. I have madd respect for you rae dizzle,gabriel and ne ne for not showing our swagg priness in such a state of being. Growing up and seeing my mother go thru the same type of abuse made me tell myself tht I WOULD NEVER GET THT ANGRY AND DO SUCH A THING, I know dudes get madd but I feel just walk away keep ur fuckin mouth shut and be a MAN, And realize tht ur stronger than her. I have no respect for chris and any other nigga tht does something to physically hurts a woman… get better rhi rhi you have ppl on your side remember that…

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