As I will not speculate as to how true their union is. I will say that Yeezy and Model Amber Rose look Dope together.




I’m just sayin…


-Stay Fly!



~ by Rae of Stuff Fly People Like on February 19, 2009.

11 Responses to “I’m JUST SAYIN…”


  2. @ SLIM -Agreed!

  3. She’s rocking that bald look. I dig!

  4. OMG she’s soooo major…

  5. She seems like WAAAAAYYYY too much woman for him though.

  6. She’s growing on me. Busting onto the scene by selling booty shots to the highest bidder tends to taint a woman in my eyes… But she is definitely a bad chick.

  7. ya’ll must be really young, like early 20’s LOL

  8. Her body is INCREDIBLE and she’s mad pretty AND looks like she’s down for three somes. WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!!!!!

  9. She looks a little old to be a video hofessional…

    She IS rocking the hell out of the super short hair though.

  10. i’m more interested in those umbrellas and the wet people carrying them, lol.

  11. OMG, they look like EVERYTHING in that first pic. I love them off the strength of their sunglasses game alone.

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