Fabo & Ricky Ross were spotted of the set of The Dream’s “Rockin’ That Thang” Remix video shoot….

What can we say about the outfits in this pic….

I have to give it up to Fabo for rocking pink hardbody. A very brave thing to do. But this new LV logo….are they giving that ‘ish out for free?? It’s a new logo and I am already tired of it. *blank stare*

There is nothing wrong with a dude rocking pink. I like the t-shirt but to rock the headband all together is a little too much. Not to mention the pink shoelaces….

Ricky Ross…A motorcycle MCM jacket? Really? I don’t think so homie.

What do you think?

You know where to meet us…


~ by Gabriel Williams (@Gabriel_Will1) on February 17, 2009.


  1. I’m actually feelin’ Fab’s get up…wudda been better if the tee ain’t have the writing ALL over…but the head band is sick…
    As for Officer Ricky – Ummmm…Errrrr….

  2. ummmmm yea i didnt know ppl still rocked head bands these days and just bcuz its LV dosent mean its right. the shirt is pretty dope but not a guud luuk 2gether then the laces.FAB STP! as for dapper dan i mean ricky ross he shoulda left that coat alone!! ricky has no type of style what so ever hes one of thoes brand whores.he always has a sick shade game but thats ABOUT IT.. NEXT

  3. clowns. the both of them. LV is not the end all be all

  4. Ugh… I do love me some LV, but this outbreak of “matchy matchiness” with regards to the hood’s rocking of the Stephen Sprouse stuff has to stop. One piece from the collection is loud enough without these “celebs” engaging in a round of, “… and I also got the .

    Someone please CC Teairra Mari, The Dream, F-A-B-O blah blah blah, and Timbaland on this stat!

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