I’m giving you a double wammy for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (More to come peeps). Let’s start with Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush. Now Kim has definitely stepped her game up recently and this is FAB! I digg her look from head to toe-and very rarely do I say that. She Did That. Reggie looks Great as well. Dressing down the blazer with jeans and sneakers was a great decision. I would have luved a crisp White Button up with a Black and white Pocket square-But-baby steps, baby steps.


Teyana Taylor was also in toe for the Fashion festivities. She rocked a trendy look-she paired  a jean jacket with some skinny’s and you know she loves her Jordans. I digg her accessories, very Brooklyn actually. The hair is a bit too BIG for me, it’s a bit Crazy in Love, eh? I need that bone straight Tee Tee.


What’s your verdict?


-Stay FLY!


~ by Rae of Stuff Fly People Like on February 16, 2009.


  1. LOVE IT!! Teyana Well..Everyone knows I LOVE a HOT jean jacket…So she got me @ HELLO!!…And for Kimmie I just *HEART* that girl!!!

  2. actually the two-toned hair is more B-Day, I luv big hair, but I vote NO on this one, It looks better in spiral curls. But shes a cutie nonetheless.

  3. Ok I know I’m hella late but gotta say that KK and reggie gets the official stamp from me. Kim head 2 toe PERIOD( she’s luuks so bomb she luuks like a wax figure)loli dig reggies whole luuk but I woulda went with a dark denim but non the less dude did his thang… teyana is ma BI**^ so she always gets my vote period. Love the skinnes, jacket,and j’s but the tee coulda been better and like rae said I need to see BONE straight,I thin that would pop so much espically with her to two tone FIYAH. She has to be careful bcuz the big hair tends to luuk a little wiggy.. still fli tho….

  4. kim kardashian killed it. she usually does. despite the fact that shes famous for uhmm… NOTHING, the broad is flyy.

    reggie, he’s sexy so he’s jus’ fly on accident lol.

    and teyana needs to tame the hair, it would look soo much better. but she is rockin’ a fly ass married to the mob tee. :).

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