SFPL’s Exclusive Interview: OUTaSIGHT


Recently, SFPL had the opportunity to interview one of the hottest new acts to hit the music scene. Ladies and Gentlemen, OUTaSIGHT!

While interviewing OUTaSIGHT, not only does he possess the knowledge of musicality and what it pertains, but he also knows what it takes to become that “IT” factor. Versitility is always the key and OUTaSight has most definitely found that key, that opens the door to the rising star factor.

OUTaSIGHT a.k.a. Richard Andrew, currently holds down Yonkers New York, where he was born and raised. Though, while growing up, Richard never stayed stationary in one place. During his childhood, he has probably moved to about 10-15 different living quarters. Also, in his time of growing up, his parents eventually split and were no longer together.

Music always ran consistently through his family while coming up as a child. Around the house, his mother, whom was a huge music collector, played lots of tunes. She would constantly play a great deal of music, such as: Prince, Stevie Wonder, Anita Baker and The Bee Gees. Richard quickly adapted to what he was hearing. As far as, his father, who was actually a musician, played the likes of: Pink Floyd, The Who and Jimi Hendrix. As you can see, Richard received a plethora of music that would serve a great deal to his ears and mind.

Richard, has also gained a number of influences over the years and presently. His musical influences ranges from the likes of: J. Dilla, Tribe Called Quest, Kanye West, The Beetles, Marvin Gaye and The Roots, just to name a few. During his years in college, Richard was known for being apart of Soul and Rock bands. At that time, he also went by the rapper name of: “Out of the box”.

More on OUTaSIGHT after the jump….

OUTaSIGHT is not only a talented artist lyrically, but he also plays a number instruments. He mentioned that he had never met one of his idols as of yet. That idol that he speaks about is the talented Kanye West.

Mr. West is someone that he really looks up to and with excitement in his voice, he exudes the point that he would love to collaborate one day with Kanye.


OUTaSIGHT makes it known that his fashion sense is classic but simple. His favorite designers are Steve Mcqueen and JLindenberg. He expresses his love for classic items, such as, Cardigans, Button-Ups, Dark Denim and Addidas. The Barney’s 5th Avenue store, here in NY is also one of his favorite spots to shop.

Currently, Richard transitions from Yonkers to the streets of Brooklyn, NY to work on his spring ’09 (May/June) album release. The title of the album wil be: “From Here To Eternity”‘. What is your meaning behind that title, we asked? He answers: “It’s a young mans time to be timeless”. Very well put by OUTaSIGHT.

OUTaSIGHT has gained a tremendous amount of credibility in the City of Angels, California. Which he mentioned that 70% of his indepedent sells came from. OUTaSIGHT hopes to get his point through music all across the world, and that people would have a positive response to his story.

All in all, this interview one to remember for a very long time. It was great to come contact with such a phenomenal artist, such as OUTaSIGHT. World, please fasten your seat belts for an OUTaSIGHT ride to Eternity!


For the peeps that are in the NY, come down to the Blender Theatre on Monday, Feb. 16. Doors open at 8pm, show starts at 9pm. Buy your tickets HERE!

For more on OUTaSIGHT, check out his MySpace Here!

Until next time, Stay Fly!!

Gabriel of SFPL!!


~ by Gabriel Williams (@Gabriel_Will1) on February 15, 2009.

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