Allen Iverson has cut his braids. What it means. The cornrow era is officially over. Allen is one of the main reasons the hood and many influential fans of the NBA and Hip Hop Culture started to grow their hair out. They wanted to achieve the infamous…


Iverson design.


We can now put braids to rest. He joins the list…



trey songz







and Carmelo to name a few.


R.I.P. 🙂


-Stay FLY!


~ by Rae of Stuff Fly People Like on February 14, 2009.

9 Responses to “AND ITs OVER NOW…”

  1. I was SO happy when I seen he cut his hair! I agree, the cornrow era has definitely ended. Those clean cuts make all of them look more mature and clean…real grown man ish…LOVE IT!

  2. Yeah, definitely this era is over. BTW, you forgot about Ludacris….I think he was partially influential…

  3. So what about dudes with dreads or locks? Should that era end too? Nothing is wrong with corn rows as long as it’s properly maintenance.

  4. I like the clean shaven look and the locs look. So It looks good on all the converts you posted. 😉

    But I don’t think the loc phenomenon is going away for a long time. As long as Lil’ Wayne and all those football players have it. And the people who see it as a lifestyle. Good thing too: I love it!

  5. @ One Ten, you’re right- Ludacris was very influential…

  6. @$incere: Getting rid of braids means you’re a “grown man” now, as the first poster said. As in, Iverson wasn’t a grown man the second before he cut it, but now, he is.

    That’s if you think your fashion/hairstyle choices say anything about your maturity. I don’t but a lot do.

  7. That’s real talk Don.

  8. @ Don…I feel u, but don’t misunderstand my comment. I said LOOK more mature; I don’t know him personally so his maturity level is unknown. I’m speaking of image, and when it comes to guys who have had braids for so long such as he has, it shows them growing out of what they’re used to/ changing [which is y the word mature fits].

  9. Oh and no, I can’t see the dread or locks era ever goin away. I’ll be very shocked if it does.

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