Ashanti was spotted out and about in a new short haircut.

I’m undecided.

I think the actual cut is a little too mature for Shanti. It’s a little too Jonas brothers for me. I would definitely like to see it defined a little more and then I might be sold.


What’s your verdict?



-Stay FLY!


~ by Rae of Stuff Fly People Like on February 13, 2009.

22 Responses to “THE FLY VERDICT: ASHANTI”

  1. No likey!

  2. Do not like it all.
    The hair looks like one of a little boy.
    The dress is not my cuppa’ tea and the heels are “eeeeeeeeeeeh”.

  3. I like it!! At least she is trying something different. She looks good.

  4. Thumbs down.

  5. The cut is smart and versatile. She can dress that all the way up or keep it urban with no effort. A girl has gotta grow up some time. Dress, Not her color shoes great accent color for the dress. Just not on her.

  6. boooooo….u whore.

  7. I think she looks good and the dress with the shoes in fierce. The cut of the dress is very nice. I could be bias since I myself have a short cut.

  8. She still doesn’t stand out to me.

  9. I’m quite sure that’s a wig she’s rockin.
    Either way, I’m a big fan of change and we havent seen her in short hair in……ever. I dont consider her a trendsetter in the least so I knew she’d hop on the ‘short hair is hot’ bandwagon sometime and go short, even though (im pretty sure) its a wig lol

    As for the outfit, I like. The shoes are a bit bright and because of that, I’d have done more jewelry the color of the shoes so it doesnt look too ‘off’. Other than that, it isnt all that bad at all…

  10. wig. no likey. and the outfit screams Stepford Wife. love the robin’s egg blue/ruby red combo tho

  11. I think the cut is a white boy ish- I’m thinking Jet black and a little more Kelly Rowland-ish may work. The outfit screams BINGO tho

  12. no bueno

  13. I totally agree with D Rock, she looks like the “THE BEATLES”….

  14. Dang It Shanti..Dionne Warwick wouldn’t even rock this wig!!!!LOL

  15. Nope. Try again…looks like she is auditioning to play one of the damn Beatles with that hair style. NEXT.

  16. ABOUT damn TIME
    I think its a good look, mayb now she can step out of the “great Beyonce’s” shadow
    nah ive always been a fan of the mushroom so, I think its a good throwback 😉

  17. i was never a fan of the asian bowl cut.
    =/ – jus when i thought she was getting better….

  18. Guess Keri let her borrow her “Dora” for the weekend. Pretty lady, melancholy wig. Its a pandemic.

  19. UMMMMM NO shani.can u plz hire some damn body from the fli society bcuz u need better assistance. her hair cut should been mor funky and edgy,this is to katie holmes for her. nice dress and everything else .ok maybe ahigher heel but for the most part shes trying new luuks rather WE like it or not….. ONLY U CAN MAKE ME FEEL…

  20. w-o-w people care about ashanti!

    its interesting.

  21. that dress… mother would wear…..not workin

  22. Ashanti probably just wanted to try a new look. The hair looks like a wig and the outfit makes her look to matronly. Sorry boo, try again…

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