I Luv the Bang Lauren.

I’d probably like just about anything on you 🙂


I see you Cassie looking all fresh-faced, That you Capricorn *waves*?



-Stay Fly!


~ by Rae of Stuff Fly People Like on February 11, 2009.

6 Responses to “FOR THE RECORD…”

  1. ummm, not really feeling the look on her.

  2. I love Lauren! She’s such a natural beauty.

  3. i indeed go hard for fine ass lauren but in this case im not feeling the luuk @ the hell awll. as natasha on ybf says “she luuks a lil umm wigalicious”lol . shes know for rocking guud weaves and having them luuk very natural but in this case its a no for me.

  4. wow you love her bangs? they start from the back of her head!!…i hate weaves/wigs/extensions…even more when it looks real fake

  5. I don’t like it, it looks like she’s wearing a hat.

  6. Looks like someone plopped that on her head as some sort of sick joke…

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